In today's world; high quality training, skill, attitude and commitment are all factors shaping your career in aviation. Receiving excellent and thorough basic training promotes success and rapid advancement to your goals!

Our instructors have each worked in some part of the world of commercial aviation. Here’s just a few of the diverse areas of aviation in which our instructors have worked:

This significant experience shows in their instruction - learn from somebody who has been there and done that!


Cecil Sorensen (Class 1 Instructor, ATPL, Chief Flight Instructor) has 65 years and approx 45,000 hours in the air; having flown everything from a Sabre fighter jet in the RCAF to a Douglas DC3. As well, he holds degrees in business, education and a Class 1 flight instructor rating. His experience also extends to offering less common services such as:

Rod Andrews (Class 2 Instructor, ATPL) started working as an instructor under Cecil Sorensen in Red Deer AB in 1974. Outside of flight training, Rod has flown Twin Otters, Shorts and the four-engine deHavilland Dash 7 for Time Air. He later worked as an inspector with Transport Canada in Ottawa, flying a Beech King Air. He has approximately 10,000 hours of flight time including 3500 hours on multi-engine aircraft. He instructs Private, Commercial, Multi-engine and IFR flying on a part-time basis.

Greg Blocka (Class 2 Instructor, ATPL) has been flying for over ten years and has accumulated approximately 4500 hours in the air. In addition to primary flight training, Greg has ample experience in other areas of aviation, including aerial photography, cargo, charter, medevac and airline flying. With extensive experience flying IFR to all points between Canada’s north and the southern USA while using advanced technology; there’s no better person to help you receive your instrument rating. He instructs Private, Commercial, Multi-engine and IFR flying on a part-time basis.

Kristen Penner (Class 3 Instructor) had always wanted to fly, so she quit her job and started working on her private licence. She now works as an instructor at Millennium and is passionate about helping her students accomplish their goals. She excels at creating a safe, comfortable environment for learning and her focus is on safety, being cost-effective and having fun!

Duncan Starling (Class 4 Instructor) is Millennium Aviation’s latest addition to our team of instructors. During the day, Duncan works as an electrical engineer. However, a passion for aviation and new challenges inspired him to add an instructor rating to his list of credentials. Duncan acquired a private pilot licence in 1999 and has been continually evolving as a pilot ever since. He was a 2015 Webster Trophy regional finalist, competing at the national finals in Delta BC.  Duncan is a part time instructor ready to serve your evening and weekend needs.