In today's world; high quality training, skill, attitude and commitment are all factors that shape a career in aviation. Receiving excellent and thorough basic training will promote success and rapid advancement toward your goals!

Our instructors have all worked in some part of the world of commercial aviation. Here’s just a few of the diverse areas of aviation in which our instructors have worked:

This significant experience shows in their instruction - learn from somebody who has been there and done that!


Cecil Sorensen (Owner, ATPL) has 65 years experience in the aviation industry and approx 45,000 hours in the air. He has flown everything from Sabre fighters jet in the RCAF to a Douglas DC3. As well, he holds degrees in business, education and a Class 1 flight instructor rating. His experience also extends to offering less common services such as:

Andres Alberghetti (Class 4 Instructor, CPL) Andres has been around planes since he was a little kid, flying gliders with his dad (who happened to be his instructor later on). He achieved his Gliders Pilot Licence at 16 years old. He completed his PPL back home in Argentina and then moved to Canada to complete his CPL and Flight Instructor Rating. When Andres is not flying you can find him fishing or swimming at the Lake.


Rod Andrews (Class 2 Instructor, ATPL) started working as an instructor under Cecil Sorensen in Red Deer AB in 1974. Outside of flight training, Rod has flown Twin Otters, Shorts and the four-engine deHavilland Dash 7 for Time Air. He later worked as an inspector with Transport Canada in Ottawa, flying a Beech King Air. He has approximately 10,000 hours of flight time including 3500 hours on multi-engine aircraft. He instructs Private, Commercial, Multi-engine and IFR flying on a part-time basis.

Bill Crosby (Class 1 Instructor; CPL) is a retired University professor who first learned to fly in 1979 while a research student in the USA (New York), before returning to Canada and earning a CPL in 1982. For 25 years he flew a wide range of general aviation aircraft in recreational and commercial roles both in Saskatchewan and Ontario, before gravitating 'back to school' to earn an initial Instructor Rating in 2007. Since then, Bill has amassed just under 2,000hrs of flight instruction at all levels - RPL, PPL and CPL, as well as advanced ratings. For Bill, flight instruction is more than mere instruction - or even education - it is a process of mentorship where flight skills, safety-mindedness and decision-making capabilities come together in the formation of a competent pilot. When not flying, Bill enjoys generating 'man glitter' (sawdust) in his evolving woodworking shop.

Thomas Estey (Class 4 Instructor, CPL) Thomas spent two years at the University of British Columbia before leaving to pursue his dream of flying. Born and raised in Vancouver BC, Thomas completed his PPL in Langley, BC, and moved to Saskatoon in January 2019, where he completed his CPL, Multi-IFR and Instructor ratings. Having worked as a Freestyle Ski and Windsurfing instructor, Thomas has a strong teaching background which he uses to guide students in their progress towards their goals. With a fun and youthful personality, Thomas also enjoys long sunset walks along the river on his time off. 

Andrew Simms (Class 2 Instructor, CPL) a retired military engineer, who earned a Glider Pilot and Private Pilot Licence in the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Program. Following that he worked for many years as a Glider Pilot Instructor. Andrew serves Millennium Aviation as Chief Flight Instructor. as well as an instructor at the Saskpolytech Commercial Pilot Program. He holds a Commercial Pilots licence with multi-engine, instrument, float and instructor’s ratings. Andrew looks forward to continue sharing his passion for aviation.

Richard Turinski (Class 3 Instructor, CPL) Richard spent 19 years in the automotive industry but has always dreamt of flying. In 2018 he finally signed up for his private pilots license. A few months later he quit his job and dedicated himself full time to flying and studying. 23 months after his first day of PPL ground school, he had completed his PPL, CPL and instructor rating, and also found the time to achieve his float rating. When Richard isn’t flying, you can find him running or biking along the beautiful Meewassin river trail.

Matthew Webster (Class 4 Instructor, CPL) Matthew was born and grew up in Saskatoon and became amazed by all things aviation. He recalls being fortunate enough to take a city tour in a small plane at the age of 12 with a family friend  and after that flight his heart has never left the sky. Matt attended ground school later that year at age 12 followed by a first solo flight at age 14, and later earned his private pilots license while in high school and a CPL in 2020. Matt has worked jobs in (and out) aviation industry over the past years including being an airport ramp attendant, working in cargo handling - anything to help gain more experience in the aviation industry. Matt is passionate about sharing his love of aviation with others and hopes to inspire others to achieve their goals in aviation - especially flight students. Matt is a hard-working, professional pilot who is committed to providing students with an effective instructional experience as they grow in their practical & theoretical knowledge of flight.