Millennium Aviation Ltd. is a Designated Learning Institution. Our senior instructors have extensive background and experience in many areas of Aviation. (Flight Training, Airline, Charter, Corporate, Medevac, Airforce, and Transport Canada). Our Instructors and staff are involved in all areas of the student’s training and work toward making this an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Study in Canada

Please see the Citizenship and Immigration website for information for Student Study in Canada.    

Training Information and Requirements

Courses Offered with Approximate Duration and Costs

Payment Schedule For Training

The schedule of payments is tailored for the specific training objective. The example below is for the Commercial Pilot Licence. Contact us for details of other training courses.

Application Process

Application form 

Print and complete the application form. By making application, the applicant attests that all information provided is deemed to be true, correct and complete. Email or mail the completed application (contact information given below). Your application is deemed to be complete when the following is included:

Millennium Aviation Ltd will be pleased to provide help and assistance in the application process, along with guidance concerning any of its training courses. When your application is approved, a Letter of Acceptance from Millennium Aviation will be sent to you.

Mailing and Physical (Courier) Address:                                                                                                       

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